New wine glass designed to fit your face

21 Best emergency Painting contractors - Repair Service blogspot - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - ) Different wines have different “standard” glasses. (Yes, that’s true. If the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t go well, wine tasters will have to settle for the ISO standard wine tasting glass. The glasses are made from clear crystal and have a tapered shape to assist with releasing the aroma from the wine. ..More

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Radioactive glass gives clues to Moon’s origin

21 Best Painting technicians - Pro Forum Service Pages - . Some traces of trinitite remain at the original blast site, and the material is thought to be safe to handle, but it is now illegal to scavenge the material. In the 1940’s and 1950’s however, collectors often picked up trinitite and it still circulates among collectors ..More

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Glass bottle-to-bottle recycling facility set to open

21 Best master Painting companies - Help Center - Repair & Service Guide - . Reducing the amount of new container glass is an important component of the state’s green action plan. In 2013, glass recycling had the same impact as removing nearly one-quarter of a million vehicles from the road. That’s because it takes more energy to create glass from raw materials than it does to recycle existing glass ..More

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Is glass a solid after all?

Find Painting technicians - Helpful Links - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . One of the traditionally accepted reasons that glass “can’t be” a solid is that without that ordered molecular structure, cooled glass molecules continue to “flow” just as liquid molecules would do. . Now some scientists are looking at hardened glass in a different way, and that allows them to reach the conclusion that hardened glass is, in fact, a solid. They have no specific order. Molecules in liquids flow easily over each other ..More

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Archaeologists find 2,000 year old Polish glass factory

Service Expert Painting companies - Repair Tech Forum Pages - Proof that glass and metal were worked extensively in the area changes the way archaeologists think about the societies that occupied the areas at the time. Evidence of human habitation in the area dates back to the 5th and 6th centuries, BC, but until the discovery of the glass furnaces, researchers had not been able to determine that significant economic activity had taken place there. ..More

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